What is the development prospect of TNUMBERx6e (how will the TNUMBERx6e consumer market boost new business opportunities in 2022?) Is this okay? ,

my country's TNUMBERx6e financial industry is a trillion-level large consumer market, but as far as the current consumer market environment is concerned, the institutional ontology of consumer market control is not mature enough, and large international brands are monopolized in the consumer market The resistance brought about by market competition, the rise of new sales forms such as live broadcast B2C, etc., have caused certain resistance to the development of the TNUMBERx6e financial industry. For the modern TNUMBERx6e in 2022, under the natural environment of the Jieyi consumer market, it should actively It is very necessary to expand the new retail platform and business model, to kiss the things of the frog, to practice new concepts and new understandings, to break the so-called modern form for a long time, and to carry out network upgrading and transformation. 01 The key points of modern TNUMBERx6e financial industry development 01 The awareness of business strategy lags behind TNUMBERx6e The natural environment of the financial industry shrinks, the consumer market platform lags behind, the business strategy is poor, and the network concept is lacking, etc. These are the key points of modern TNUMBERx6e private enterprises. The heyday of Japan's modern wholesale consumer market is hard to pass. If the Internet is too slow now, it is so predictable to change modern concepts. The result is that the awareness of management work is lagging behind, the awareness of international brands is weak, and there is a lack of scientific management work. In the end, a group of people who cannot find a solution to the business strategy and are out of the game. Due to the influence of factors such as scale, strength, quality, management level, business strategy awareness and other factors, modern TNUMBERx6e private enterprises have no potential. Efforts to achieve marketing integration, minimize advantages, and improve efficiency Even if you have national brand-name products, you can't strive to be recognized by consumers and officially become a product with a high market share. With the rise of the post-61930s, modern Marketing business models such as telemarketing, local push, and door-to-door customer search are becoming more and more difficult, and the credit card business is also becoming more and more difficult. However, the oversupply situation in the consumer market is gradually emerging. Under the fierce market competition, various private enterprises are scrambling to burn money, sacrificing to reduce profits, and entering the "losing era". Take kitchen and bathroom as an example. In a third-tier city, there are more than 80 international brands of kitchen and bathroom, including a large number of informal and unlicensed products. In order to compete for customers and attack market competitors, merchants are vying to choose High price discount,. The final result is to disrupt the entire consumer market, profits become lower and lower, international brand awareness declines, and more and more merchants choose to move their business online and open outlets. There is not much room for modern private enterprises to survive. 04 High operating costs and large financial resistance Modern TNUMBERx6eOperating funds for private enterprises. The resistance is also huge. In the off-season, manufacturers will put pressure on them to sell goods and collect deposits. In the end consumer market, sales of engineering projects and decoration companies will delay payment, resulting in excessive resistance to commodity inventory and financial resistance. The above four key points seem to restrict the development of the TNUMBERx6e financial industry. The advent of the new retail era has made the problems of the TNUMBERx6e financial industry more obvious. So how do we solve it? 02 Zonggou explores a complete new retail business model 01 Network empowerment, boosting the common development of the three industrial chains Zonggou is committed to integrating upstream and downstream resources, standardizing the form of the financial industry, optimizing the experience of commodity supply and marketing, and accurately gathering global international brands in the financial industry For high-quality products, we are committed to creating a comprehensive service platform that integrates the industry chain, platform chain, and service chain, and the three chains, to build a more complete one-stop procurement ecological pattern for users of TNUMBERx6e mechanical and electrical categories, so that users can get high-quality, low-cost , Efficient consumer experience In addition, Zonggou adopts networked management work form to deeply integrate the industrial chain through network, big data, cloud computing and other scientific and technological means. road management system. Establish a unique industrial value chain on a global scale, create a diversified, multi-level, and multi-platform industrial ecosystem for the TNUMBERx6e electromechanical industry, and realize intelligent multi-dimensional services for all business scenarios, so as to provide users with operational and maintenance, management, and Marketing is fully empowered. Under the new retail business model, community business has officially become the new blue ocean community service in the current real business market. The community service is mainly based on community residents, and the community business form with a service radius of 2-3 kilometers is gradually becoming the basis of urban business. Gradually officially become the growth point of the TNUMBERx6e consumer market in the future development of Jieyi. Zonggou has tapped this point. With the help of business model innovation and the combination of online and offline, it will create a full-link networked intelligence nationwide. Community service stores, make full use of and mobilize the traffic activity of the community, so that users can access our services most conveniently 02 Multi-dimensional services, helping private enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency In the current era, network development has officially become an indispensable part of the industrial chain One link, then the other factor that can effectively improve the level of the industrial chain is the service potential. Relying on more than 30 years of experience in the home building materials financial industry and strong resource advantages, Zonggou not only provides customers with a wealth of multi-category products, but also focuses on multi-dimensional service systems such as warehousing and logistics, operation management, financial services, and maintenance and after-sales services. Objects, to help many cooperative customers to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. Zonggou has covered more than 1 million square meters of logistics bases in many provinces across the country, established nearly 100 operation centers, 600+ logistics vehicles, and realized a 7*24 hour 300-kilometer urban distribution network service. The management work and intelligent information system system provide users with more efficient, safer, more convenient, and low-cost warehousing, logistics transportation, delivery and other efficient value-added services, greatly improving the delivery potential of private enterprises and reducing manpower, operations, and management. Job transportation costs. At the same time, in order to solve service problems such as maintenance and delivery for users, Zonggou builds an appointment platform with "network + shared services" as the core, connects with front-line home improvement masters, and provides more professional one-stop maintenance and installation for families and individual users. The service ecological chain, from the user's order to the master's door-to-door maintenance, and then the confirmation of acceptance, forms an "O2O closed loop" closely connected between the user and the master, and solves the "last mile" service problem of end users such as installation and maintenance. 03 New retail and new business Opportunities require change to make progress. As far as the current situation is concerned, under the impact of the new retail era and the Internet, modern sales private enterprises will suffer the most. Therefore, it is necessary to reflect and make changes so that private enterprises can be neutral in such changes. invincible. The best form is to find a "partner" to help private enterprises reduce risks and find a reliable sales platform. A reliable and powerful platform will be the best choice. Zonggou can provide private enterprises with a complete range of commodities at the same time. , helped to solve the problems of stockpiling resistance and transportation resistance, and greatly reduced the cost of the business strategy of private enterprises. In addition, Zonggou combines the industrial layout all over the world, deeply integrates the industrial chain with network tools, online trading platforms, offline experience malls and multi-dimensional intelligent services, and quickly builds horizontal, vertical and other multi-dimensional three-dimensional sales for the TNUMBERx6e electromechanical industry The network creates a new retail era of the TNUMBERx6e electromechanical trading ecosystem and helps the industry upgrade. For any financial industry, the new retail era is full of opportunities and challenges. Only by understanding the nature of new retail and the natural environment of the consumer market can TNUMBERx6e people actively respond to changes and remain invincible. Foresight, pragmatic attitude, high-quality service, and effective empowerment help all partners develop. , to achieve win-win cooperation! Zonggou Mall Community Service Store The hardware store near you has 8 major franchise advantages. Joining the optimal national hot recruitment, we sincerely invite you to join in the previous recommended strategic cooperation▏Zonggou Mall signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Signify and new products are launched▏Link Hing Hand washing powder decontaminates faster, healthy and does not hurt hands Zonggou's 2021 annual work summary and 2022 work goal meeting were successfully held [Crossing cycles and chasing waves] Zonggou's 2021 annual memorabilia inventory! Zonggou mall franchise stores are recruiting nationwide, the hardware store near you! In the era of new retail, how can private enterprises grasp the business opportunities of new consumption?

What is the development prospect of TNUMBERx6e (how will the TNUMBERx6e consumer market boost new business opportunities in 2022?) Is this okay? ,

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