Middle-aged women wear skirts (when men are middle-aged, they still look best in shirts! Remember these 3 matching ideas for more fashionable 40-year-old middle-aged men: Why do you advise you to wear less skirts and more skirts? ? Just look at Mei Ting and you will know) Is this okay? ,

Men in their 40s and 50s are in the most important period of their lives. At that time, they should pay more attention to the full expression of elegant charm, instead of just pursuing individuality and fashion as they did when they were young. , The effect of retro Therefore, it is said that middle-aged men should wear more shirts, and elegant skirts can release a more charming masculinity. The reason why it is recommended for middle-aged men to wear more shirts is that the most important reason is that skirts are exclusively for men, and different accessories can create a variety of styles. If you want to wear shirts beautifully, if you keep the following 3 collocations in mind Lu Zi, make you beautiful and stubborn every minute~ 1. Middle-aged men must have a proper understanding of "age". ①Never be constrained by age, dare to break through them Many people step into middle age, professional committees are less and less confident in them, and the selected clothing and accessories will become old-fashioned and old-fashioned. However, men only need to be professional When the committee breaks the shackles of their age, they can be more creative; after forgetting their age, they can choose the clothes they like first, and release a more charming charm ②Aging is more important than aging, and it is more attractive One thing we need to know is that as they grow older, they will indeed show signs of apoptosis, but at the same time, their charm will continue to precipitate. Therefore, middle-aged men want to release higher-level Charm, as long as the professional committee wears the right way, it will always love fashion. Second, middle-aged men wear shirts, understand these 3 matching ways. Way 01. Don’t wear a short hat. After entering the middle-aged period, men’s bodies will appear dull and thin. Therefore, the shirts they choose must be too long. If the suspenders are too long, not only will they lack elegance and coldness The glamorous charm will also expose the weakness of the body shape, while the skirt has a stronger coverage of the body shape, and can be worn more elegantly and noblely. 02. How many men wear wide but not tight? To give priority to dresses that are very tight, resulting in textureless? It’s just the full expression of a good body shape, and more importantly, the body shape line. Your body proportions, exposed skin without showing traces, and slender limbs are all advantages; A shirt with both rigidity and softness is more open to the body shape. Way 03. Wear simple and not complicated. The last thing is to wear simple and not complicated. Many middle-aged men know that if the design of clothing accessories is too complicated, the effect of wearing the upper body will become very flashy, and there is a kind of For the sense of sight, you should try more pure white basic shirts, which are versatile, regular and very high-end with charm. Third, choose the accessories that are indispensable for wearing shirts. Pick out the principle ① Bags with a lot of texture want to make their skirts more refined, we must not ignore the importance of bags. Bags are more practical accessories, so when they choose them, they must consider enough texture and utility; small square bags made of leather are stylish and classy to wear on the body. Selection policy ②The exquisite sense of necklace and clothing matching is fully reflected, often in some small jewelry that is easily overlooked, especially the wearing of necklaces. I hope we can all pay attention to matching skirts. The necklaces selected should not be too cheap and rough, but To be fashionable and compact enough, the accessories can be simplified and worn on the neck to modify the neck line. Pick out the policy ③ how can an elegant silk scarf be missing a silk scarf as an embellishment? Silk scarves are the embodiment of romance, and are the best choice for middle-aged men to enhance their charm. There are many ways to wear silk scarves. Choose a small square scarf first, and you can wear it on your neck, wrist and bag; Long silk scarves can even be used as headbands, belts and necklines. 4. Color scheme ①Combination of hardness and softness in depth When matching shirts, color is the soul. It is recommended that we try the color scheme of "combination of hardness and softness in depth and light". If your face is dull and dull, you can Prefer light-colored tops and dark-colored skirts to achieve a better brightening effect; for petite people, light-colored skirts can make the shape look lighter. Option ② Add bright colors Men who have stepped into middle age just like to wear bright colors, but because they don’t know how to choose, they will miss many suitable clothes. Green skirt is a very good choice. Fresh and natural tones can enhance their personal charm very well. Matching with a white vest or blue T-shirt can easily create a balanced state. Solution ③ Distinguished Primary and Secondary Clothing color matching is very important. If the overall tone is uniform, it will be difficult to separate the proportion of the body type, and it is not creative visually. The collision of basic colors and bright colors will make the The styling becomes more high-end, or a more elegant light tone is preferred to match it with a brighter color with higher saturation, which can also well bring out the noble charm of a middle-aged man. 5. Dressing strategy strategy ①White base + loose jacket + tooling skirt Dressing is a strategy. When they adjust clothing accessories, they must use the right methods and skills, and the preferred clothing accessories should also be Complementary relationship If you want to create a sense of hierarchy, you can give priority to choosing a basic and simple white shirt or T-shirt as a base layer, layer a loose, rigid and soft short coat, and match it with a work skirt that is cool and stylish. Strategy ②Short sleeves with round neck + high waist skirt + short sleeves with pumps and round neck accessories are relatively versatile tops, so whether it is matched with a half-length umbrella skirt, fishtail skirt or straight skirt, the suitability is very good If you tuck the top into the waist of the skirt, you don’t need to deliberately match it with high heels. Flat shoes with low-cut accessories make the upper feet more comfortable and light. Raiders ③Neutral style coat + yellow skirt. Neutral style jackets are also worth picking out, such as light blue shirts, retro blue denim jackets, etc., layered with suspenders or vests inside, it will be more layered. The wide and stylish top matches the straight skirt very well, elongating your figure in minutes. It’s just that for middle-aged men, the most important thing is to avoid the greasy feeling, so when wearing a shirt, you should pay attention to the color matching and accessories. Only when the color matching is refreshing and clean enough, and the accessories fit well enough, can you wear your good charm!

Middle-aged women wear skirts (when men are middle-aged, they still look best in shirts! Remember these 3 matching ideas for more fashionable 40-year-old middle-aged men: Why do you advise you to wear less skirts and more skirts? ? Just look at Mei Ting and you will know) Is this okay? ,

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