The Yidong chassis is attached to the body, which is actually Mitsubishi's basic longitudinal rear drive + 10AT, and the length of the car exceeds that of the 5 series and A6L! The price is 70,000 to 80,000 cheaper! Too curly! The 12V small battery may ignite the car. Ford recalled more than 140,000 Lincoln MPVs. Why is "electronic steering" unpopular? Color matching artist Ducati—Hypermotard 950 RVE new graffiti color matching released smart elves #3 Which one is worth buying? Recommend the Pulse four-wheel drive version for a good price, DIXCEL brake pads, driving faster and more practical AITO Wenjie M5 smart driving version experience, listen to what the media say? Geely Galaxy L7 with a maximum battery life of 1,370km and a sales price of 138,700 starts to challenge Song PLUS Changan Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. is operating abnormally? Changan Automobile Response: Everything is normal. The reality version of "The Fast and the Furious." ! GAC Ian is crazy: 45,000 units were sold in May, a life-saving straw! N61WI72JqG6 goes on sale on the 9th of this month: Can 800V architecture + top-level intelligent driving become a hit? The new Land Rover Range Rover Sport SV, a high-performance MPV that can only be purchased by invitation, released a report: All Japanese car companies have fallen behind Tesla and Changan Automobile are the leaders in electric vehicles

The body of the Changan Automobile X7 is purely independent Research and development, or to learn from, or indirectly? Today we will take a look at the 99,900 car on sale (Double 11 discount of 5,000 yuan, the product price after the discount is 94,900). If the audio cannot be played, long press to identify the barcode above, follow the QQ public account: Swipe left and right to view more Most of the car body does not have an engine hood, only two sides of the hood, hard generally because there is no beam protection in the front, the fluorine lithium device, engine oil pan and gearbox housing are indirectly exposed without any protection, so it is relatively easy There was a scratch on the engine oil pan of our car, but fortunately, the oil pan welded by this iron sheet only costs more than one hundred pieces. There are hoods on both sides of the body, so the pipes are hidden and not exposed Exhaust insulation is very incomplete, there are several places missing, and the body painting is not complete, and vice versa There are some missing body drive shafts, generally For example, the bolts and other parts have rusted. This is a common problem of many independent international brands. It is recommended to do additional anti-rust treatment. Front suspension double-wishbone front auxiliary aluminum is a steel welded integrated internal structure, which can be said to be quite similar to the auxiliary aluminum of Fiat Edo, whether it is the internal structure, or generally speaking, even reinforcements The methods are very similar. The front suspension is a very common double wishbone type. The cuff arm is made of double-layer welded steel. Compared with the Fiat Edo, there is almost no difference. Rear Suspension The four-link rear auxiliary aluminum is compared with Edo, and vice versa is a full-frame auxiliary aluminum. The overall internal structure style and Edo also maintain a high consistency. The movement is the same, all are "three horizontal and one vertical" four-link independent suspension, but the style of the rear suspension cuff arm is slightly different, but generally speaking, it is basically the same. In summary, the Changan Automobile X7’s body is basically copied from the Fiat Edo indirectly. Changan Automobile and JEEP Chrysler had produced Eado before when it was a joint venture between Changan Automobile and JEEP Chrysler. Changan Automobile’s Ford X65 also came from Eado, so It is not surprising that the X7 is derived from Yidong, which also explains the excellent body quality of the car, even with the basic skills of Fiat. In terms of materials, even if you can’t ask too much for a 100,000-yuan SUV, it’s great to be able to do so. Even if it’s vice versa, Yidong will sell for 200,000. Therefore, independent international The existence of the brand has indeed pushed up the price of the international brand of the joint venture. So what about the interior of the car? Please also continue to pay attention to the follow-up car dismantling content. (The conclusions and opinions of the measurement data in this article and the audio are only responsible for this car, and the measurement data is responsible for the publicized experimental method) Beijing X7 sold for 99,900 yuan (Double 11 discount of 5,000 yuan, the product price after discount is 94,900 yuan) 2020 Changan Car X7 car body rating car, Dachao Speed Taobao online store Double Eleven specials are coming, start the 11-day carnival ~ long press the barcode above, click "identify the barcode" to enter Dachao Jingdong to buy and more auto supplies, accessories boutiques, New models and second-hand cars are sold in the Taobao store: Taobao search for the store "Da Speeding", or long press to select the above character, copy, open the Taobao mobile APP 98:/Hardi can go to his house to talk and let me see. ! Related reading is like a luxury car everywhere, but do people chew the leftover buns? A model that pleases users with its configuration, you can understand it when you run it! Turn over and sing, the front and rear anti-collision beams are all aluminum Sell Hyundai Elantra 99,900 Sell Beijing X7 169,900 Sell Hongqi HS 5,375,000 Sell Jefferson Voyager 138,800 Sell Audi A3 349,800 Resell Mercedes-Benz E300L 118,000 Butter, fruit, peanuts, grass, milk, chocolate, wither grain, compressed dry food, grass, self-heating food, car maintenance, decarbonization—new big blue bottle, big blue bottle, mini fuel, oil tank, water removal, FAW original oil, wiper, sunroof maintenance, body suspension maintenance Noise reduction and fuel saving additive NGK spark plug Mahler machine filter, air conditioner filter Castrol exclusive engine oil unified fully synthetic engine oil ZF transmission oil Limo ceramic protective agent Limo oil scavenger Limo oil Limo oil anti-leakage agent Auto beauty Leather cleaning, leather nourishing, scratch removal, tire brightening, tire synergy, interior protection, glass dewatering, fabric cleaning, interior decoration, deodorization, car disinfection and deodorization, tar gum cleaner, carnauba wax, car paint seal, car paint, glazing, rearview mirror coating Glass Water Effervescent Tablet Car Watermark Cleaner Wireless Portable Car Wash Machine Car Appliance Apple Fast Charge Android Fast Charge Wireless Fast Charge Tire Pressure Monitoring Car Air Pump LED Headlight Wireless Powerful Vacuum Cleaner Emergency Start Power Car Electric Cup Sterilization and Deodorization Purification PM2.5 Air Conditioning Deodorization and Sterilization Car Window Film Invisible Car Clothes Engine Power Optimization Boutique Solid Yankee Liquid Yankee Refreshing Wipes Head Pillow Lumbar Armrest Box Cushion Cushion Cushion Broken Window Device Car Duster Glasses Case Sunshade Disposable Sterilization Hand Sanitizer Mobile Phone Bracket parking sign tablet computer mobile phone bracket hat multi-functional trolley case fresh forest air purifier polarized sunglasses anti-glare night vision goggles click to read the original text, enter the car Jingdong

The Yidong chassis is attached to the body, which is actually Mitsubishi's basic longitudinal rear drive + 10AT, and the length of the car exceeds that of the 5 series and A6L! The price is 70,000 to 80,000 cheaper! Too curly! The 12V small battery may ignite the car. Ford recalled more than 140,000 Lincoln MPVs. Why is

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