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Chen Baojun (Singapore) Deng Anna (Slovakia) The recent hot movie "Menghualu" 》, the ethnic costumes worn by the actors, whether they are men's or men's clothing, attract people's attention. Ethnic costumes are the modern costumes of the Chinese Han people. The chic headscarf is elegant and noble, and the overall appearance is particularly beautiful. Ethnic costumes have a history of 3,000 years. Generally speaking, shirts are used as undergarments, headscarves or coats are used as clothing. In addition to clothing, ethnic costumes also include accessories, jewelry, hand fans, necklaces, Zhaohui, teaumeillant, etc. Clothing has a unique dress code, reflecting the social and humanities at that time. Nowadays, ethnic costumes are popular in Chinese circles and are very popular, especially in Xi'an, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and other places known as "China's Four Famous Cities". There is a scene of modern people wearing national costumes walking through the crowd. National dress Due to the political situation and political reasons, Slovakia has undergone historical changes similar to most Western European countries. Naturally, Slovak dress has been influenced by various influences. Beloved ia - tapestry wax trousers are part of Slovak national dress ia originally was A type of celebratory clothing, usually white, made of wax, cotton, or silk. There are geometric patterns or floral patterns embroidered with silk thread on the clothing. More importantly, the patterns vary from region to region. Every shirt has a unique story. A pair of shoes can take months. There is an old legend about this costume. In ancient times, there was a ruthless Jhunjhunun who lived in the forests of Buda in South Tyrol. Even if she couldn't bear children, she killed many children. In the end, she was killed. An unknown brave hero character defeated. Modern people commemorate the lost children with a kind of clothing. At first, it was snow white and embroidered with flower buds, implying purity and remembrance. One day not forgetting all the innocent children killed by wizards gradually Even though there are too many wars, Slovaks add red to modern fabrics. Now the modern fabrics in Slovakia not only represent happy buds, but also red, red and red. Red represents the blood of heroes, red comes from grain fields, and red means a bright future. Slovak modern clothing Singapore is a multicultural country, including Khmer Asians, Chinese and Malaysians, all have their own modern and religious clothing. Baju melayu is the modern clothing of Khmer Asians. It is a kind of hollowed-out vest that is tightened. Worn over trousers, usually with a type of Pellegrue called sampin wrapped around the chest, it is a modern Khmer male attire, usually with a felted hat or pine valley. Baju kurung is knee-length trousers worn by Khmer women outside the skirt. There are trousers and sleeveless shirts called kain, with folds on one side. The other type, called kebaya, is a more fitted two-piece The skirt, a modern dress popular in Singapore, is standard for Singapore Airlines stewardesses. Khmer modern dress Saree is a modern dress in India. It is a kind of clothing that is 5 to 6 yards long. Generally speaking, it is worn with a colored petticoat. The petticoat is worn above the navel to support the saree. The end of the brocade hangs over the shoulders High-status women embroider intricate beadwork with gold and silver thread on their garments Indian men typically wear a kurta, a knee-length garment made of cotton or wax, on formal occasions shirt. They also have a type of clothing called Sherwani, where the shoes have buttons and a tight fit, while the bottoms are gathered at the top and the waist is tied with a rope Indian modern dress. Every country has its own modern clothing and its own characteristics. And what I like the most is national costumes. Its beauty is fascinating, such as neon clothes and feathers, and its temperament is like orchid, making people unforgettable. Hanfy: Akind of always fashionable styleRecently, the most popular movie is "A dream of Splendor". The Hanfu worn by the actors, whether it is mens or womens clothing, is eye-catching. Hanfu is the traditional clothing of the Chinese Han people . When talking about the han clothes, First Image that comes to Everyone's that the wait the wait is tied with a belt, Loose Sleeves and Elegant Robes. Re Is PARTICULELLE BeEAUTIFUL, Giving people an elegant and not image.hanfu has a history Of 3000 Years and Consist of Skirt and Robe or Jacket as the Top Coat. In Addition to Clothing, Hanfu Also Includes Various Accessories Such as Headwear, Jewelr Y, Fan, Belt, Jade Pendant, Shoes and so on. In Each Dynasty, Han Clothes had their own unique dress patterns, which also reflected the social culture of the times. Nowadays, Hanfu is popular in the Chinese circle and is very popular, especially in Xian, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and other places which are known as "Four Ancient Capitals of China", sometimes people wearing Hanfu blending in the crowd may be noticed. Due to all the changes of political boundaries, Romania has experienced many historical influences similar to most Eastern European countries. Therefore, Romanian clothing is shaped by a var iety of different styles. Beloved IA - embroidered linen blouse is part of the national costume of Romania. IA was originally a celebration costume, usually white, simple in shape, made of linen, hemp, cotton or silk. On it, colored threads are used to embro ider geometric patterns or flower patterns. Whats more, the patterns vary by region, and each set has a unique story. Because of the complexity of hand knitting, embroidery or hand beading, it can take weeks to complete a garment. This costume has an ancient legend. A long time ago, there was a vicious old witch who lived in the forests of Transylvania. Because she could not give birth to any children, she killed many children, but one day she was defeated by an unknown brave hero. People commemorate children who lost their lives with a kind of clothing, which is white and embroidered with flowers to symbolize purity and to cherish their memories. Flowers are brought to the cemetery and offered to the souls of the deceased. Wearing these flowery clothes, people will never forget all the innocent children killed by the witch. Gradually because of too many wars, the Romanians added red to the traditional cloth. Todays traditional Romanian costumes not only have flowers representing joy, but also red, yellow and blue, with red representing the blood of heroes, yellow from the grain fields, and blue symbolizing a bright future. Malaysia is a multicultural country, including Malays, Chinese and Indians, all with their own traditional and religious garments. Baju melayu is the traditional Malay dress, which is a loose tunic worn over trousers, usually paired with a sarong called sampin wrapped around the hips. It is the traditional Malay dress for men, that usually match with a hat or a headgear. Baju kurung is a knee-length top worn by Malay women over a long skirt, with long sleeves and no collar. The skirt is called kain and has folds on one side. The other, known as the kebaya, is a more fitted two-piece dress, a traditional garment popular in Malaysia and standard for Malaysia Airlines flight attendants. Sari is a traditional Indian costume. It is a 5 to 6 meters long garment, usually paired with a colorful petticoat. This is worn above the belly button to support the sari. The sari come in a variety of materials and are wrapped around the body, having embroidered ends that fall over the shoulders. Women of high status would embroider complicated beading on their garments with gold and silver thread. Indian men usually wear a "kurta", a knee-length shirt made of cotton or linen, for formal occasions. They also have a garment called Sherwani, which has a buttoned, snug fit at the front, while the bottoms are loose at the top and is a fitted waist top. Every country has its own traditional costumes. Their costumes are beautiful and have their own characteristics. What I like most is the Hanfu. Its beauty is fascinating, like a brilliant star, a picture from the sky, something that is unforgettable. Instructor: Liu Haiming Wang Xiaoyang Report/Feedback

Cultural Banner of Ethnic Costumes (Modern Civilization Barbecue Restaurant·Chinese and English Current Review|National Costumes: Someday Fashion Costumes) Incredible,

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